Windows 10 - Not for a while yet!!!

Wow. That's a few steps and then some. lol! Typical Windows though, it works. You just have to go through hoops to get things to work properly. I'm a Mac guy that has a PC. With Mac OS, to switch between a login screen, and no login screen required, is a matter of going to Finder Preference/Account/then toggle on or off a box. Done. Next you restart or logoff, what ever you chose is what happens. I could have done all that, sit down have a cup of coffee, and read the paper, and Windows users would still be setting up the workaround. I had hoped that Windows 10 would be much more intuitive and simple to use. But it's still your typical Windows. I'm going to stick with Windows 7. I've gotten used to it, and it's nuances, and got it to work relatively the way I want it to. Not going to bother with Win10 to do the same things all over again. Sorry Microsoft, from all that I've read, and fiddled around with (on someone else's PC who upgraded), I'm not very impressed. Sure it looks nicer. But you can doll up crap and make it look nicer, but it's still crap. lol Don't get me wrong, since the passing of Steve Jobs, Cook hasn't done a very good job of keeping up the quality of Mac OS X either. I still find 10.6.x the best Mac OS X to date. The last 4 versions after were complete let downs. They actually feel more like Windows. In which I'm forced to find workarounds for useful features I once had. Things that were simple to access or use, I now have to do more steps to accomplish. My once workhorse Mac Pro 8-core Xeon, runs relatively sluggish in the newer OS's. I think both Microsoft and Apple need to stop with all the glitz and glam, and make a stable, simple, and reliable OS. Once they figure that out, then add the bells and whistles.

An interesting viewpoint from a third party. Watch out with Windows 10 preventing you sending email. We have had that a lot.

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